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Travel makes the soul fly and the heart leap – is this perhaps also true for you?

Set in a spectacular landscape and masterfully created by man, Dubrovnik, even after its catastrophic siege in 1991, has reemerged as the ravishing pearl of the Adriatic. More than 1000 objects of the city are under the protection of UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. Dubrovnik’s alleys and towers became world famous as a backdrop for the TV series “Game of Thrones”. Walking along the mighty city walls, you will get an idea of how the city once protected itself from outside attacks. As a small city-state, the small Republic of Ragusa stretched from Dubrovnik to Ston and included the island of Pelješac. Only Napoleon ended this centuries-long free status.

Freedom is therefore a value that is particularly appreciated in the city of Dubrovnik to this day. So also the restriction of cruise tourism to 2 ships per day, effective from 2019, may be seen as a real liberating blow …

Departure: 9.00 am / Short stop at the Arboretum Trsteno (and visit the 500 year old plane trees) / Arrival Old Town 11.30 am (parking lots) / City tour according to gusto (city wall tour: plan approx. 1 hr.)